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Some of Hannu Kuukkanen's award winning designs

Web-site "Photonet"; the photo archieve of the photographer Matti A. Pitkänen, won the "Best of Europe" award of the European On Line (EOL) in 14.2.1997.

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Digital Background
Kuukkanen began the digital design in1982, with PCs, before the MACs arrived as graphic work stations in Finland. Kuukkanen started in InvisorSystems as a designer of computer generated products: slides, overhead material and computer generated animation. In 1984 Kuukkanen visited in the MG-school as a lecturer. When he told, that the time is near for them to work by computers, they didn't like this prophesy at all. Something similar had happened before when the repro cameras came into advertising agencies and was to happen also some years later. In 1993 came the Mosaic browser and opened the possibilities of Internet graphics. Kuukkanen assisted the first Web Publisher Mofile Place in Finland and started professional web page designing. The first customers were Paulig with its popular Coffee Recipes and Arctia Partners hotels with their room booking Web pages. Also the world famous finish Rock'n Roll band, Leningrad Cowboys, started Web pages with the assistance of Kuukkanen in Mofile. Customers: Fazer Bakeries, Isku Oy furniture, Hoas, Photonet (European On line's the Best of Europe 97), Promicro Oy, Victor Ek Oy, Leipätiedotus Ry, Eke Electronics and several others.
Kuukkanen works at the moment in VTT as the senior research scientist. Hannu has been the chairman of the OtaDigi content work group from the year 2003.

Roots in Advertising Agencies
Hannu Kuukkanen graduated inUniversity of Industrial Arts Helsinki (UIAH) now part of Aalto yliopisto in1978. He made his final report about the Reproduction of Colour. He started as graphic designer in 1971 and was hired as AD in Erva Latvala Oy in 1973. Kuukkanen has done also a long day as a lecturer in the Web design and DTP colour handling. During the first years of the Web in Finland Kuukkanen wrote articles and was interviewed by several Magazines and papers: Fakta 3/95, Kauppalehti 30.3.95, Optio 1/95, Tietopalvelu-uutiset 2/95 among others. Lectures and teaching: Tieto 95 (WWW-graphics), TechNet seminar -95 (WWW-advertising and marketing), The Association of Finnish Advertising Agencies (MTL) "Aamutori" (WWW-marketing cases). Participating MTL's EU funded Adfora -project in 98 - 99. In UIAH as a part time lecturer of the electronic publishing and as a tutor in EU projects around the hypermedia, including also lectures in the Colour handling in DTP. Marketing Institute: tutoring web-cases in -96 and MG school, a series of lectures in web page design 98 - 99.For the businesses: The Central Bank of Finland, a lecture in the DTP-colour handling, and Webmaster seminar-96 (/HPV). Kuntaliitto, a lecture for webmasters and web designers in 98, 99 (www-graphics), Työterveyslaitos (WWW-webmaster seminar lecture in WWW-graphics)-95
Kuukkanen has been with in the development of the Finnish Semantic Web from the year 2000 participating as the lecture in Semantic Web Kick-Off in Finland 2.11.2001

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