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I like photography as a hobby. Before digital cameras I used to shoot false color slides by masking technology. It was very time consuming and the result was time to time unexpected. I had to study the exposure times by different color separation filters (RGB) to get something reasonable or beautiful as the result.
Now it will take jutst fev minutes to get much better result in PhotoShop from any original digi-photo. Those were the days when photography was the art of professionals and you had to know what you were doing.

Now I'm interested in close-ups (macros) because of it's still challenging by the digital cameras. In macro photography you have to use in most cases hand adjustemnts only, to get the correct results. See my young lizard example. This picture had been close to impossible to shoot by using "automatic setting". In most cases the area you need to be sharp is not the one you'll expect when using automation. In guestion of living animals you have just a second or less to shoot the only "best" frame and then you have to wait for an other possibility if there will be any.

Shooting dragon flies is easy in the morning when they are clumsy cause of cold night. In most cases you can find them if you just look from correct places. Even in the middle of a hot day they sometimes are in a sleep and easy to snap a photo.

Flies are some time as well easy to catch when you are slow enough not to frighten them a way. You can even get very detail rich close up in bright sun shine.

Butterflies are a bit different group of insects. In most cases it's close to impossible to catch them in the picture except without "dosing" them. In the butterfly life there are still moments when they are not so lively and the close up can be taken rather easily. For example when a butterfly who is mostly flying by nights has been found on day time. I have a photo album in Flicker if you want to see some more mackro shoots. Click Items link below my name.

Living picture is as well very fascinating and Video shooting and editing has been among my hobbies sence times of cinefilm. I have some shoots in YouTube if you like to see what I have done. The originals have been full HD quality but what is left in YouTube cannot stand comparison with originals of course.


Hannu Kuukkanen in Rome 2007. Copyright of this picture belongs to my daugter Maria Kuukkanen. We love traveling in Italy. Here I'm sitting on a nice coffee shop near by the Trevi. The coffee glas can bee seen on the front.

I speak fev words Italy. It was a must to learn some because we travelled mostly by our own plans and time table and there were no English speaking officers in small railway stations where we had to change the train.

Some trips with photos on this site:
Prague, Izmir, Ephesos, Rome and China.
As a hobby I've built a doll house for my daughter and renoved our old suburban house built in 1946 and assisted in building a warehouse on my summer cottage.
In winter 2008 I made a colour plan for the stairway in the old neo romantic house in Rahapajankatu 1, Helsinki, Katajanokka.
In summer 2009 I built wooden gratings to hide my summerhouse's basement.
Being a carpenter is one of my summertime hobbies. It came to my mind I have to fetch the fence and paint the wall of my warehouse.
In 2011 I painted the roof of my house.
In 2013 I have re-painted my suburban house from the chimney to the very foundation of the house.
In the summer 2016 I have to repair and paint the fence and its groundwork. Old suburban house is never ready.

Some words about the music: It has been my hobby sence sixtees when we had a boy-band with Marko Putkonen. It happened as usual, when we joined to army, guy by guy we went to our own trails of life. Something has been following me and its the love of music. Visit my "music hobby" pages if you're courious enough to read more.

My E-Book; Vilkas muistikuvitus (only in Finnish - use Chrome brwser translaton) >

E-mail to hannu.kuukkanen(@)webcag.fi

Hannu Kuukkanen as professional

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